Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This has been an excellently busy day! We had our first trip back to the Post Library today since the 12th of December. We resumed what has become our normal duties of inventory and putting back in order the children's reading room. Those books get so out of order! It is incredible. We don't know if it is the children or the parents, but if you don't keep at it every week, it gets to be quite a mess.

After our duties at the library we went to Home Teach Kayla Westbrook, a wonderful young lady who has such enthusiasm and love for the gospel. She attends everything she can. She is scheduled to receive her Patriarchal Blessing in to about 10 days. She is very excited. As we visited with her, we explained the Home Teaching program to her, and talked of the importance of having Home Teachers.

This evening, we went and picked up the Elders and took them to an appointment, but they had bugged out on us. So we drove up to the error where our 6:30 appointment was to be and felt impressed to go look up a less active member of the church. We found him home! We had a great discussion with him and he was so happy that we came out to pay him a visit. He committed to coming to church on Sunday and to begin reading and studying the Book of Mormon and to pray often.

We left there to go to our 6:30 appointment, George! What a great fellow. When we went in we talked about his experience at church last Sunday. We rehearsed with him what he learned in the Gospel Principles class and then the missionaries began to teach him about the commandments of God. When we began teaching him about the Word of Wisdom, he said that he had read about it and that he had started living it already. He felt that was a powerful witness that he would read about it, commit himself to living it and then see that we came with that message in mind. He stated that he had felt the peaceful feelings of the Spirit when  he read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. So as the last commandment we taught him of was the commandment to be baptized. He accepted the challenge to work toward that and had no objections to being baptized. It was an incredibly power meeting with him. He has truly been prepared to receive the gospel.

The final family we went to see was the Garcia family. The children have all been baptized, but he dad and step mom have not. They are not married, but are waiting on the time when they can be so they, too, can be baptized. We left them with a little thought of the importance of following the Word of God and challenged them to read from the Book of Mormon every day. The accepted that challenge. It has really been a wonderful day!

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