Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This has been a reinvigorating day! This afternoon we had the opportunity to Skype with many family members while they attended the Gowans Family Christmas party. Most everyone was there. The only family not there was Jacob and family and Becky and family, but we were able to Skype with Becky and family earlier today. It was nice to talk and see them at the same time; of course mom and dad, being the oldest are always the most amazed. We were surprised, however to learn that many of the younger ones had never Skyped before.

After our Skype session was complete, we readied ourselves to go pick up the Elders and take them to appointments that had been arranged for tonight. While we were together we obtained all their information on all their current investigators. We will help bridge the gap from the time our Elders are transferred to the time we get new missionaries in town. We will be doing much of teaching over the next month or so depending on what happens in the next few days.

We had a real nice visit with a less active family, the Escobidos and then one with George who had his second lesson today. He seems to be very excited about what he is learning, and so we should all be excited about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation.

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