Saturday, January 12, 2013

We have had a warm, muggy day; the temperature was probably in the 80s. Can you believe it, an 80 degree day on January 12. This morning Elder Gowans spent 3 hours at Sister Sock's home helping, with others, load up the moving van and taking their household goods to their new home. When he left at noon, they were working on the second load. He hated to have to leave them at that time, but we had appointments all afternoon long.

At 2 pm we visited the Escobido family. They were all baptized a while back, but then after they moved out here from Arizona they didn't put attending church on their list of priorities and so we have been visiting  them with the young Elders and bringing them back into activity. We have enjoyed our visits with them immensely. We have been discussing with them the Book of Mormon and how it is a record of their ancestry. We also left them with a copy of Elder Gowans' book to help them realize the great promises the Lord has given us.

Afterward we attended our weekly mission correlation meeting and from their we went to visit the Norris family. From their we went to visit George a great investigator who has been prepared by our Father in Heaven through the ministry of the Holy Ghost to hear and accept the gospel. The church teaches everything he has been looking for, all the truths that he has wondered about he has found answers to here. Where we came from, why we are here, where we are going after life, he has found fascinating and has answered so many questions.

After our visit with George, we went up to post to find and visit our troops since we were not able to do it this morning. We found all who we were looking for! They have all committed to coming to church and one was even engaged while home during Christmas. Elder Gowans, in order to persuade them to come out set up interviews for them with President Estep. It has been another wonderful day!

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