Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This morning we made another visit to the dentist's office to have a second crown started on Sister Gowans. We were there about 2 1/2 hours. Elder Gowans got a lot of reading done in the new Lorenzo Snow book.

Afterwards we headed right into Harlem to attend our weekly DDM. We had a nice short meeting, it only went for an hour.

From there we went home and got a bite of lunch and then over to Sister Stock's house to help her clean after the move. We didn't find her at the old home, but the door was open so we helped ourselves. Elder Gowans went out and did the desired yard work that she wanted done and Sister Gowans started cleaning the kitchen. After Elder Gowans finished he went to work in the kitchen with Sister Gowans and they got in nearly all ready for inspection. From their we washed windows, cleaned bathrooms and so forth. We spent about 3 hours helping her out. Hopefully she will appreciate all that we did for her today. Of course, she doesn't know it was us, which is the best thing. So she will just have to be curious.

Elder Gowans attended branch presidency meeting this evening, he is getting better at running the agenda. The meeting went just 65 minutes.

We are excited to hear that Eric will be going to Africa with his work to help solve some issues there. What a great opportunity for him to go there and put his great problem solving skills to work.

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