Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A couple of days ago, we received a notice that several trees were going to be removed from around the apartment complexes. Today a very tall pine tree was removed that stood just outside our front room window about 15 feet away. It had always concerned us; it was so tall and it appeared that it had grown out of a large planter box, so we always wondered how deep the roots were and that if there were a danger of it falling onto the apartment complex. They removed the tree in four sections, our guess was that the tree was nearly 100 feet tall.
 Our building in the background. We live in the 1st floor apartment right behind the tree.

 Big Dog!
 The lumber jack is securing a large strap to the tree in two locations. He is standing just to the right of the trunk.
 Off it comes.
 Up it goes!

 Around it comes.
 Down it comes
 The crane operator stands it on the ground and another lumberjack begins to trim off the branches to be fed into the chopper. 

 The bobcat operator helps load the heavy limbs into the chopper 

 Here comes the next section.

 And the next.

 And the last

The end!
This evening after the Branch Presidency Meeting and after Relief Society Presidency Meeting, we went to visit with Brother Paul Miller. He has been here since early fall and will finish this leg of his training in April. Then he will return in the fall for another round of training. After we visited with him, we went to visit Brother Stewart who is here attending X-Ray tech school. He will be here until August.

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