Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This evening we went out to visit two of our brethren; the first was Brother Dereoun. We took to him an article from the Church News about Family History Research and gave it to him, then we all got on his computer while he tried to look up all his deceased loved ones. He really got excited about it. He also mentioned that he wanted to get started Home Teaching. After we left, we called the Elders Quorum President and left a voice mail telling him the news.

After visiting George, we went to Brother Delong's apartment. He has a big dog who really gets excited about people coming to visit. He was so excited that while chasing around the living room, he ran right in between Sister Gowans legs; needless to say, she was quite taking by surprise, as was Brother Delong. We had a real nice visit with him; we will probably go back quite regularly to visit and teach him so that his knowledge and testimony of the Gospel will grow and increase.

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