Sunday, March 10, 2013

We have had a wonderful Sabbath Day. This morning Brother Derouen was confirmed a member of the Church and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a joy to witness; he has grown and progressed and matured in the gospel, I can't help but think that the Heavens rejoiced over this young man. Brother Delong also came to church; he has been less active and has worked real hard in returning to activity; he had forgotten to move his clock forward, so he showed up just before 10 am. We all had a good chuckle with him.

We also learned of some very sad news today. Our dear friends, I won't mention their name, are divorcing. We found out today, that he has been living a long string of lies for a long time and that he had been beating his wife and abusing her mentally with all his lies. Her parents flew out to pick her up and take her home; they will be leaving no earlier than tomorrow, Monday. We loved this couple and had really tried hard to be their friends help them nurture their new marriage. We hope and pray for them both that she will be well, and that he will get the help he needs.

We stopped in to see a couple of families tonight, the first was the Stock family. He is home from Afghanistan for his two week break; it was wonderful to see him and the family together. He looks real well. We also had the opportunity to meet his dad. A real nice gentlemen. We also stopped in to see Brother Woodley and the O'Keefe family.

We had a nice visit with the Rockhill family and taught them the Plan of Salvation. Although they are both members, their knowledge of the gospel is very small, so they wanted to get to know more about the church to help them feel more at home and one with the other members. We committed them to come to church, find their scriptures and read and pray every day.

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