Thursday, March 7, 2013

This morning we attended a graduation for one of our officers, John Lord, who was here attending Army Command and Staff. It is a 4 month long course, so he has been here since November. He was very active in attending church services as well as our Family Home Evenings. As always, we will miss him, but are happy that he will be back home with his family by tomorrow evening.

This evening we visited the Spencer family. He had been told that he would be deploying in the coming months, so we went to give him and his wife our predeployment briefing. We learned that he had also been selected to attend the Captain's Career Course up at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. He was just promoted to Captain this past December, so now they don't know for sure what is going to happen. We went ahead and gave them the briefing just in case he does end up deploying.

Also, this evening, we dropped in on a new family that has just moved on post. We arrived just after the husband of the family was taken out of the house by force and put up in one of the barracks. Apparently he is suffering from the disorders that come from being deployed in a war environment. His wife was besides herself; so we were able to talk to her and give her a blessing that helped in calming her down. We also briefly spoke to the children to remind them how much their mother loves them. We asked her to please call us if we can be of assistance in any way. Afterwards, we went over to visit one of her neighbors who is LDS to let them know she is in the neighborhood and to ask them to befriend her. Hopefully they will do that.

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