Friday, March 29, 2013

We apologize for not being able to make any blog entries for the past two days. The computer at Joint Base Charleston Inn would not allow access to Social Media such as Blogger or Facebook. So we will have to catch you up over the next several days with photos and such. We returned home safely this afternoon just in time to get ourselves ready for Institute. Earlier in the week we hustled and got it all planned and then while on our little trip to Charleston we reviewed it to ensure we would be able to present it properly. It was taken from Section 29 of the Doctrine and Covenants. We discussed the importance of the Gathering of the Saints into Stakes, with temples near by that would assist in keeping them safe from the influences of the devil. We also discussed the great and indispensable gift of Agency. Then we discussed the prophecies of the last days as recorded in section 29. It was a good class.

After arrival on Wednesday in Charleston, SC, about 1030, we went right to the visitor's center. There we purchased a two day Heritage Pass along with a carriage ride for Friday. The first place we visited was the Charleston Museum. Here are some photos from the Museum:
 A funeral carriage
 Some uniforms warn by different groups of soldiers in the Charleston area

 A whale skeleton
 Some Indian arrowheads
 Giant shark teeth
 Confederate Money
 A cannon
 An 18' Crocodile skeleton
 A dinosaur
 A real mummy!

 I thought Matt would enjoy this: A turtle skeleton
 An old organ
 Silver serving set
An old submarine, all man powered.

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