Saturday, March 9, 2013

This morning we were up bright and early to get up to Post and pick up our AIT students and take them to the temple. Sister Nuusila, a new Tongan sister, asked that we come and pick her up; along with her we had Brothers Child, Palmer, Voorhees and Meadows to pick up as well. Poor Sister Nuusila had everything all arranged, clear up to her commanding officer, but her Platoon Sgt wouldn't release her. No one had passed down to him the documentation; we left her in tears, we felt so bad about leaving her behind, she was so looking forward to going. We had a real  good group, it was very pleasing to see so many there. Besides the ones mentioned above, we also had Brother Miller, and Sister Westbrook. At the temple those who could, went in and went through an endowment session, while the rest of us did baptisms and confirmations. After we were through at the temple, we went over to the book store and then to lunch at Rush's.
 From left to right: Brother Palmer, Meadows, Child and Sister Westbrook. Brother Palmer had just been ordained a priest last Sunday; so this was his first trip to the Temple.

 From left to right: Sister Westbrook, Brothers Child, Palmer, Voohees, Meadows and Miller. All these folks are military. Sister Westbrook is Air Force, the next four are AIT students and Brother Miller is in Warrant Officer Training.
This evening, after the Temple, we had a wonderful experience. Brother George Derouen was baptized at 5pm. It was a wonderful event to see him finally baptized, he was just a glow with joy. What an incredible change has come over him, he has truly had a change of heart.
 From left to right: Elder Gowans, Brother Derouen, Elder Lavulo and Elder Dixon.  Brother Derouen is permanent party stationed at Fort Gordon. Brother Derouen was praying to know what to do about religion, faith and so forth, when a few days later the missionaries knocked on his door and he let them in.
Later in the evening we were back on post to drop Brother Child back off at his barracks, so we decided to find a new fellow we had just learned about. While standing outside of B-369 a fellow came up to us and asked what time and where church was! We had no idea this member was there, but when he saw us he knew he needed to ask; we introduced him to Brothers Palmer and Voorhees; good things happen when we are out and about! We learned that the other fellow we went to find was not at his barracks, but we were able to find him and invite him to church.

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