Sunday, March 17, 2013

The big news for the day is that we had a change of boundaries for several wards here in Augusta. It affected Grovetown, Augusta, Harlem and Martinez. Until today nearly half of the LDS military population attended the Grovetown ward; now with the change every family who lives on Post will attend the Augusta ward. So the population of soldiers who live off base and on base will be well divided between 5 wards. We will no longer attend the Grovetown ward. From now on, they will be meeting in the Harlem building and they will meet at 1300. We will attend the Augusta ward, they will continue to meet at 1300 until April 21st at which time they will meet at 1000 since they will be the only ward meeting in that building. So we will meet with them beginning April 21st and will only be able to meet for two hours, after which we will need to leave to get up to the Branch on Post.

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