Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This evening we (the young missionaries and ourselves) had a real nice visit with George Dureoun our baptismal candidate for Saturday. We went over with him the baptismal service and all that he can expect to happen. He asked that Elder Gowans perform the baptism and that Brother Erwin, a fine brother in the ward, confirm him on Sunday. We love this good man very much. It has been exciting to see him grow in testimony; he has had so many assurances throughout the past two months or so that he has been studying with us. The Spirit has been with him and guided him through this entire process.

Afterward, we went to visit the Escobido family. Just as we arrived the rain began to pour down; we were really drenched as we got up to the front door. Our visit with them was wonderful. As we talked we spoke of their eventual preparation to attend the temple and receive those blessings; they were very excited about it. We hope that we can help them get on the road to getting that accomplished. At the conclusion we gave both Brother and Sister Escobido blessings along with their son, who had come home at the end of the visit.

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