Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This afternoon during our meeting with the chaplains, the chief chaplain asked for suggestions on what we could all do to bring more of the base population out to church. It was more of a rhetorical at the moment, although he was going to ask for answers in the future. During our slide presentation President Estep asked if I had anything to add, he had never asked before; so I humbly stated that the best way I knew of bringing more out was one on one personal ministering. The room was rather quiet after that. Then after the meeting the chief chaplain came out and said that he knew that was the best way to go about bring people back to church and that the LDS had perfected it.

This evening, President Estep and I paid a visit to 3 of our soldiers who we are concerned about. We hadn't seen Sister Nuusila out for a while, so we stopped in to say hi. She said she had just been lazy. So I made her pinky promise that she would come out.

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