Sunday, March 24, 2013

We had a real nice day today, much different than all the prior Sabbath's in the past. Since the realignment of the ward boundaries last week the Grovetown ward where we used to attend now meets at 1 pm out in Harlem, so we cannot attend the Grovetown ward anymore since it is at the same time as the Fort Gordon Military Branch.The Augusta ward will continue to meet at 1 pm until April 21st then they will change to 10 am. Once that happens, we will attend with them as all the church members who reside on post will attend there. So we only had two hours of church today instead of 5.

President and Sister Holm spoke in church in the North Augusta ward and then came down to the Branch and spoke there too, in between time they came and ate lunch with us. We had a real nice time with them.

After our meetings completed, we took the Grovetown Elders over to teach the Saunders family, however, they had not yet arrive home. So we left the Elders to go on their way and we went to visit the Herr family. We had not seen them for quite sometime, they had twin boys 7 months ago nearly 3 months early. The boys are growing and doing fine. Everytime we went over an emergency was in progress, so we stopped going and just kept up with them on Facebook.

After our visit with the Herr family we went back over to the Saunders and found them home. We taught them more of the commandments and reviewed with them the importance of keeping the Sabbath day; we also talked about scripture study and Family Home Evening.

Our final appointment for the day was with the Rockhill family. They are coming along real well. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson from Preach my Gospel. Progress is being made, as they did attend church today, probably the first time since last summer. We are very happy for them and thank Heavenly Father for blessing us with the opportunity to work with them.

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