Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We have had quite a day today. After lunch, we headed out to the Post to check with many of our members to make sure they knew about the ward boundary change and the time change for our meetings. Several of them had been told, but there were many who had not been told. He had several nice visits with many of the sisters who we found home; some of them had misunderstandings of the meeting times and so forth, so it was good that we had gone out to make sure everyone was informed.

In the middle of all our visits we went to AIT graduation; two of our soldiers graduated today, Brother Child and Brother Hart. Here are some photos:
Brother Child

                                                          Brother Hart and his mom

After the graduation, we took Brother Child and went to a farwell dinner for Micah Kent at the Harbor Inn seafood restaurant. Here are some photos of that event.
 The Marzolfs, he is a councilor to President Estep
 Steve Estep on the left and Micah Kent on the right; he is now out of the Army and waiting to to go to Texas.
 Brother Child and young Steve Estep
The Group.

After dinner we went to visit with Sister Murray and her family. Her husband is deployed,even though she has a great support system in family and friends, it is good to visit with her every couple of weeks.

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