Monday, March 4, 2013

This morning, real early, Elder Gowans drove up to Post to drop off Temple Excursion Letters to several of our soldiers who are hoping to go to the temple on Saturday. We have probably got the best group of soldiers here on post that we have ever had. Nine soldiers signed up to go to the temple Saturday; hopefully they will all be able to go.

This evening we met with the Rockhill family for dinner and then for a Family Home Evening. We had a nice evening with them. The children are wonderful, very active, but sweet and good kids; we hope that we can help them make the right choices in life, right now we need to get them to pray, study the scriptures and then hopefully start coming to church.

After the Rockhill family, we dashed up to Post to join our FHE already in session. It was a real good turn out. We all said our goodbyes to Brother John Lord, we hope to see him at graduation on Thursday. We also said hello to a Brother Stewart, just in to begin a class as an X-Ray Tech. He will be here until August.

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