Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let's see, today is Thursday, that means morning laundry, mid morning shopping and early afternoon Institute lesson review and then visiting. So today we visited Sister Mack. Her husband has now been gone about 2 months. She has adjusted and seems to be getting along fine. When we arrived, Sister Stock was mowing her lawn. Elder Gowans mowed Sister Stocks lawn a few times. So Sister Stock was paying it forward. She just needs to be careful, she gets over heated and sick. That is what happened to her last year and it put her in the hospital; that is when Elder Gowans did the yard work for her. Not that he hadn't offered, but some people simply don't like to ask for help.

This evening we, met for the first time, the Wells family. Another delightful family! They both hail from Utah; he decided to join the Air Force and became a linguist. His expertise is in Arabic. They have two delightful children, Isaac and AJ, a little girl. Isaac is quite a smart little 5 year old boy and his little Sister seems to be following right in his footsteps. We have met so many wonderful families; we wish we had more time to get to know them all better and to be more neighborly. It would be enjoyable, but we have a different labor to perform. Maybe in the future we will have an opportunity to get to know some of our families better, after our mission.

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