Saturday, October 12, 2013

This morning, we left the house around 0640 and headed up to Post to pickup soldiers for today's temple trip. We were able to gather up all who were able to go. Unfortunately, one of the company commanders cancelled all the soldier's who had gained permission to go to the temple. For sure we had 3 maybe for from there who wanted to go. All together there were 12 in today's company. We had an excellent time and all who went had an excellent experience in doing the work for those who cannot do it for themselves. It is the great work of salvation for those who never had the opportunity while living on the earth to be baptized and receive other saving ordinances.

 This is a photo of the entire group who traveled with us. From left to right: Brothers Marzolf, Slade, Moore, Sister Gowans, Brothers Manwaring and Halford; Sister Oyston, Brothers Oyston, Amidan and Mardanlou.
 Brother Mardanlou
 Brother Moore
 Brothers Moore and Mardanlou
 The South Carolina Temple and Temple Grounds

This evening, after returning from the Temple, we went to visit Brother Derouen. He has decided to separate from the Army; the sooner the better he says. We will keep him in our prayers and hope for the best for him. We then went to find Brother DeLong. We have not seen him in 6 weeks. As we were leaving his apartment, after speaking to his wife, he came home; so we had a short visit with him and he promised to give us a call this coming week.

After that, all the missionaries who live in our apartment complex came over for a telecon from the Mission President. They talked a little about the upcoming transfers and our next visit from a General Authority.

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