Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This morning, after our weekly service at the library, we went out to visit to of our Sisters with deployed husbands. One of them forgot we were coming, again, and the second shot us a text saying not to come that she was too busy with errands and such. So we went to our backup plan and didn't find anyone home; so 4 strikes and we were out! We came home and did some work on next week's institute class and then Brother Baum came over to bake some cornbread for their unit's trunk or treat and to help Elder Gowans assemble a bike we had picked up in Macon for one of our missionaries. So Brother Baum came, but he didn't have the cornbread; the menu had been changed, so he simply came by to help assemble the bike. We got it done in about 1 1/2 hours. Thank you Brother Baum!

Here are some photos taken at our Zone Training on Tuesday:

 Former Augusta Missionary, Elder Pack
   Former Augusta Missionary, Elder Litwack
 Former Augusta Sister Missionary, Sister Grimm; currently serving in Augusta: Sisters Tevi and Price

 On our way to the Zone training, we stopped off in Eatonton to visit a little museum there. 

 A very large, beautiful home in Eatonton
 The Sister in the middle, Sister McNeely is from our area in Layton; Sister Parke is from Idaho
From Augusta Sisters, Sister Ballard and Sister Lusk

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