Sunday, October 6, 2013

This has been a wonderful conference weekend. This morning, we received a phone call around 0915 from our young Elders asking if we were going to the baptism this morning; what baptism? Oops, they never told us; anyway, Elder Gowans assumed that they were calling for a ride, so he asked what he could do for them. Yes, they asked for a ride. I asked what time it was to start, Elder Phillips, our Australian Elder, said 1000. I asked what time they wanted to go, he said anytime, then he said 1000. You have to know Elder Phillips! Then Elder Gowans replied, but Elder Phillips you said it started at 1000, so don't you think we should leave before 1000? Anyway, we arranged to pick them up at 0945. It was a very nice baptism, a mother and her daughter. They had been loved and fellowshipped by a family in the North Augusta ward.

After the baptism, we returned home, gathered up some food for lunch between conference sessions and then headed out. Elder Gowans, after dropping off Sister Gowans, drove over to pick up some soldiers. Upon arrival, he noticed they had a new fellow with them. Brother Carapezza, had just arrived from California, he had dropped out of the Language Institute where he had been studying Mandran Chinese. He didn't make the cut, so he decided to come here and become a Signal Soldier. He seems to be a very nice fellow. So we got them all in the car and off to church we went. Another Soldier, Brother Oyston, his wife has come out to be with him for a couple of weeks and then we had a few other soldiers come out for the first time too. We hope they will continue to come out. We all enjoyed conference, it was truly a spiritual feast. We love our Prophets and Apostles.

This evening, after conference, we received notice that Brother Johnson, our Sunday evening visit, may have broken his hand. We drove to the hospital and found him; he was doing fine, he just had a very sore left hand. We visited with him for a few minutes and then left and dropped in on his wife and kids to say hi and make sure they were all well. From there we went to our appointment with Sister Dixon and her son Jack. We gave them a new member lesson and then introduced them to the Doctrine and Covenants. We took sister Powers along with us so she could get to know more the ladies in the Ward. It has been a very nice day and wonderful weekend.

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