Saturday, October 19, 2013

This morning, we kept with tradition and went out and visited with our student/soldiers. We were able to visit with 19 young men soldier and 2 young women soldiers. We were out visiting for 4 1/2  hours. Tomorrow is the very first Branch Conference for the Fort Gordon Military Branch. We were formed just less than a year ago. We wanted to personally invite as many of our soldiers as possible to this inaugural event. Even more important, we wanted to visit those soldiers who we don't see very often; we were able to see quite a few of them. Another wonderful thing happened too. We met two new fellows who we had no idea had arrived here at Fort Gordon. One was the nephew of Brother and Sister Boone, who we knew in Omaha. The other fellow, we just happened to run into at the subway shop. This sort of thing happens quite regularly.

After all our visiting was completed, we dashed to the church house to witness the baptism of a young 8 year old girl whose family we have come very close to. Unfortunately, the time had been moved which fell during a time where we were in an appointment, so we were unable to be there for it. We met a very nice family, the Jacobsons. They are an older family, the sort we don't get to meet very often. They have a married son, a son on a mission and a son who is preparing to depart just before Christmas. Plus they have 3 other younger children. A very wonderful family.

Afterwards we dropped in on Sister Murray and found her to be well. She had worn herself out cutting out shrubs; Elder Gowans told her he would come over Monday afternoon and help her remove the remainder and help her get the flowers in.

After our short visit with Sister Murray, we took the Tenneys out for a Korean dinner. We had a nice time with them and enjoyed the Korean chow very much, they liked it too.

From there we came home and Sister Gowans worked on tomorrow's desert and Elder Gowans went over to the Meacham's apartment and cleaned up all the paint, which was splattered all over the kitchen from their repair job on the ceiling. They must have used a spray gun and not covered anything! It took two hours to clean everything up.

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