Monday, October 7, 2013

Today is Monday, it is difficult sometime remembering what day it is; time is running by so fast that they all become a blur. This morning we took care of our usual Red Cross Service. They haven't been too busy lately; we don't know if it is the partial shutdown or what, but it wasn't very busy.

This afternoon, we were able to work on getting most of Friday's institute class outline completed, it will take additional work yet, but that should get taken care of in the morning. In the morning, Sister Gowans will travel down to Macon with other of our Sister Missionaries for a Sister's conference. Elder Gowans has arranged to work with the Spanish Elders most of the day. It will be an interesting day!

This evening, we picked up two of our soldiers for FHE. One of them, Brother Kemner, had an interview with President Estep for his Patriarchal blessing. He was very excited.

We have been busy trying to coordinate our temple trip for this week end. We sent out a text message to all of our AIT students and permanent party to find out who all is going. Hopefully we will get some response back soon on who is going and who is not.

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