Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! The first thing this morning, we had the opportunity to skype with Adam. We love you Adam and hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Immediately afterwards, we began cooking bacon and blueberry pancakes for all the missionaries who were coming our way for breakfast. We had a nice visit with Elder and Sister Meacham, Elders Hatch, Judson, Bennett and Webb; Sisters Tevi and Price. We only missed our zone leaders, Elders Eklof and Spencer. While we visited the Elders and Sisters played Crowns a card game that Elder and Sister Berry taught us after we arrived in the mission.

For much of the rest of the morning and afternoon, we had the opportunity to skype or call our parents and children. It has been very enjoyable to visit with each and with most of our grandchildren.

This evening we had the pleasure of having dinner with the Brosnahan family. They live in the Stevens Creek area, but attend the Augusta ward to assist in signing for the deaf. Any deaf members or investigators in the stake who need sign interpretation come to the Augusta ward. So Sister Brosnahan assists with that vital need. Her husband, is the Ward Mission Leader in our ward. It is their van that we use in transporting members to church who do not have a vehicle and when we need to transport soldiers in mass to Thanksgiving or Vetran's day meals.
  The Brosnahan Family: Left to right is Jane, Faith, Devin, Claire, Vivian, Brother and Sister Brosnahan
Also at the dinner was Sister Brosnahan's sister and her family. They live in the local area too. 
Thanks everyone for helping make the day so enjoyable!

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