Monday, December 2, 2013

This afternoon, we finally had an opportunity to visit with Kayla in her new apartment. She was finally able to move off post. She has a real nice place just 6 or 7 minutes away from us. She was to see the doctor about some lab results earlier, hopefully she will call and let us know how they turned out. She had been having some stomach issues and was hoping to find out what was going on. We hope she is well.

An incredible interesting thing happened at FHE this evening. As we arrived we noticed a new young lady sitting in one of the chairs in the activity room. We went over to meet her and found out her last name is Lonsberry. We asked her where she was from and she said New York. Elder Gowans asked her if she was Bob Lonsberry's daughter. Sure enough she is. Bob Lonsberry was a radio talk show host in Salt Lake City for several years and Elder Gowans listened to him quite regularly on the radio. He would always talk about his children and of course one of them was this young lady Aubrey. She just arrived on post today and happened to be driving by the Friendship Chapel when she saw the notice for FHE tonight. So she popped in and we all had an enjoyable time together getting to know each other.

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