Saturday, December 28, 2013

This morning, we attended the baptism of Roberta Jackson. Elder Gowans dropped off Sister Gowans at the church and then went and picked up Sister Jackson and her family. Roberta has 5 children and is the same age as our daughter Rosalee. Three of her children came along, along with her sister. The baptism went very well, she said that she is making a new beginning in her life. We are very happy for her.

Early this afternoon, we had a brief communication with future Elder and Sister Morris; we checked out a RV park for them where they are considering making their home for the next 2 years.

This afternoon, Elder Gowans went out with our Augusta Elders to visit 3 families. The first fellow, Tony, is in a very sad situation. He is the same age as Elder Gowans, but his wife is 66 and in the final stages of Alzheimer's. He has very mixed feelings toward God and life. With the visit of our fine missionaries, he has begin to have hope in life again and is beginning to understand the nature of God, our mortal condition and the agency He has given to mankind. They have been visiting him now everyday to bring him words of love and encouragement. We next visited Amber; she is the mother of 4 or 5 young children, but has desires to attend church and have her children attending too. She needs to overcome her fear of change and learn to make new habits in life. Hopefully, we will see her at church tomorrow. The last fellow we visited was a man from Belize, Emil. We taught him of the Restoration of the Gospel, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He seemed very interested as he began learning new things. He said he would try to be at church tomorrow, too. As we teach these wonderful children of God, we try to imagine them all dressed in white ready and willing to make and keep solemn covenants with our Father in Heaven. We feel God's love for His beautiful children and know how the Gospel will left them from many worldly cares and burdens.

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