Sunday, December 22, 2013

We have had a wonderful Sabbath and hope you have too! This morning, we attended our normal meetings, but with the Branch on post being shut down for the holidays, we attended all of the Augusta ward meetings. It is the first time since joining the Augusta ward that we have attended Priesthood and Relief Society there. We met a fellow who is TDY here at Fort Gordon; it is his first time attending since he arrived over 2 months ago. He said he usually works 12 hour days. Apparently he is a linguist, we can't imagine what he must be doing out here that would require such long hours of work and particularly having to be here TDY. Aren't there others here that speak the language he is trained in? Maybe not. Obviously there is some hot spot in the world that he is listening in on and that only he must have the qualifications to do. Hopefully, we will be able to check in with him from time to time.

After church, we drove up to post and began visiting 12 families who  live either on our close to post. In the middle of our visits, we visited with the Johnson family and had a good lesson on Spiritual Gifts and how these gifts could bless their lives if they were to seek for them. Afterwards, we headed over to the Meachams where every Sunday they have the missionaries over for dinner. We never go because we are always involved on post visiting our families. After dinner, we headed back up to post to finish our visits. We did realize that we missed two families; we will have to visit them tomorrow. We gave each family a Christmas DVD, either Joy to the World, or Mr. Kruger's Christmas and a Christmas card.

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