Thursday, December 19, 2013

This afternoon, Elder Gowans cleaned the car all throughout the enterior; it was in much need of a good cleaning. This evening, we drove up on post and visited the Rafn family. Brother Rafn has been here since the 18th of October, but the family just moved out 2 weeks ago. They are now living in on post housing and trying to grow accustom to their  new location and surroundings. They have two children, Logan who is 11 and Lily who is 7.

After our visit with the Rafn family, we drove out to visit Brother and Sister Halford. They are doing well, she is always ill with her various conditions that she suffers from, but seemed much better today than when we have visited on other days in the past. Much of the conversation centered around pet dogs of the  past :).

The message we have been leaving with our families centers around Elder Porter's message in the December Ensign. Christ was born the Lamb of God and was born in the spring during the birthing season of the little lambs. He became our shephard; so as a lamb, he needed nourishing, loving care, guidence and so forth, just as we all do. He needed service. As he grew to manhood and entered His ministry, He became the Shephard and served us. In our lives we have a similar life. We are born, need nourishing, need service, but as we grow older, most of us learn to serve, but for some reason or another we forget that we also still need to be served  from time-to-time. We often hear the old axiom, "It is better to give than to receive", yet it is important for us all to be good receipiants of service. We need to allow others to serve us when we need it. Just as we accept or receive the gift of Christ and His atonment in our lives, we need to accept or receive the kind service of other and allow them the blessings of serving us. We need to learn to be good receivers!

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