Tuesday, December 24, 2013

This has been a wonderful and busy Christmas Eve. It began with our weekly DDM at 10:30; we were able to have some discussion on some up coming events and make sure that everything is being coordinated for them. Next month, the missionaries want to put on an activity for the ward and this weekend, being the 5th Sunday, the Bishop has asked that the missionaries provide the instruction for a combined Priesthood Relief Society lesson. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Afterward, we had lunch with our Zone Leaders before going with them to visit one of their investigators, Sister Roberta Louise Jackson. She was named after her father, Robert Louis Jackson. She will be baptized this weekend, she is very excited; she is the same age as Rosalee.

Then at 4:30 this evening we all met at the Galan home for a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. They invited all the missionaries plus several other families over, so it was quite a spread. After the eating was done, the children put on a little nativity play, it was very cute.

From there we took all the missionaries caroling; we visited 8 homes and brought a little Christmas Cheer to everyone we visited; it was a lot of fun. Our first visit was to Sister Dixon and her son Jack; they said that they had never been caroled before. You could see in their eyes that they were very touched. We have had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Here are some photos from the dinner party:
 Sister Price and Tevi; this is not at the dinner party, but at the Meacham's apartment.
 The Feast! My, the pork was so good!
 Brother Galan
 Sister Galan, she is due with a baby in the next couple of months. 
 The Fisher Family, minus two children
 The line up
 The line gets longer
 All the food was so good
 One of the Galan's children
 Almost everyone is through the line
 Brother and Sister Bruderer; he is an AIT student, his wife just joined him last week. 
 Brother and Sister Anderson, a great couple
 After the dinner, the children put on a Nativity play. It was narrated by Sister Fisher and then we would sing a Christmas Hymn. 
 Angels, shephards, and Joseph and Mary

Merry Christmas!

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