Tuesday, December 10, 2013

We have had a wonderful day! Beginning this morning, we held our weekly DDM and received good instruction from our district leaders. Then this afternoon, we were able to visit the doctor today and get a referral request in to see the knee doctor for Sister Gowans left knee. The torn meniscus will have to be repaired; hopefully we will be able to get it done during this slow time of the year while our students are all gone for Christmas.

This evening, we had an appointment with the Holloway family for dinner and a wonderful visit. They are such a wonderful family, we love them and will miss them greatly as they are preparing to transfer to Hawaii! After a wonderful dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes vegetables and a delicious berry crisp and homemade ice cream, brother Holloway read a couple of Christmas stories, then Elder Gowans shared a Christmas story teaching us the principle of being a grateful and gracious receiver. He then related it to the mission of Christ and how we need to be a grateful receiver when it comes to the atonement of Christ and using it in our lives. The Christmas spirit came powerfully into the home and it felt as though it was suddenly Christmas Eve. It has been a wonderful day!

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