Sunday, December 15, 2013

Said goodbye to many of our Student/Soldiers today as they leave for Christmas. We will see most of them again in early January. Some will graduate and leave; so we will not see them again. We wish all our AIT students and wonderful and merry Christmas.
We went to visit the Murray family this evening. We had not been out to visit since Brother Murray returned from deployment. Unfortunately we learned that while deployed his unit moved out to Atlanta, so  now he spends all week in Atlanta and is home only on the weekends and this weekend was drill weekend so he wasn't home at all. Poor Sister Murray, she is still burdened with most all of the family care even after her husband returned home.
We were able to take two photos of two of our students who will graduate tomorrow, Monday. We will not be able to attend since we are traveling to Atlanta tomorrow with the Holloways. Brothers Finch and Montierth.

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