Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This morning, we performed our normal Wednesday service at the Post library. The army band located here at Fort Gordon put on a little Christmas program for the children and Santa came to visit. While there we had the opportunity to see the Janssens for a few minutes. They are leaving for Alaska for a couple of weeks to celebrate Christmas with family. We wish them a wonderful and safe Christmas.

This afternoon, we attended the graduation ceremonies for Brothers Braithwait and Turner. Brother Braithwait was a wonderful example of determination; he showed us all that it was indeed possible for someone in his Battalion to come out to church activities. As tough as the Cadre made it; he always found a way to come out.
 Brother Turner
Brother Braithwait
Later in the afternoon, we went to visit Lila Gardner who had surgery yesterday. She is just a little girl around 5 years old. We had a nice visit with her and her family. We told her stories and hopefully was able to help cheer her up a little. 

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