Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This morning we attended the graduation ceremony for Paul Miller from Warrant Officer School. He has been a wonderful friend to us for over a year. He first arrived a year ago late last summer or early in the fall. He began Warrant Officer Basic Course and then attended this year long course in segments finally graduating today. Last spring he took the summer off from the course and then picked it up again this past September. He has been very faithful in attending our activities, FHE, Institute, the Temple and of course our church services. We will certainly miss him, but are so happy for him that he will arriving home late tonight back up in Arkansas.
 Brother Miller above and with the Esteps below. 
This afternoon, we dropped in on Sister Janssen. We had a nice visit with her. They have been busy putting up Christmas decorations. After our visit with her, we dropped in on the Sanders. They are doing well also, Leyna was upset because she wasn't going to be able to go to Primary Activity Days, so we told her that we would take her if mom and dad said we could. They agreed, so we took her home with us, fixed her dinner and then took her to her activity. After she was done, we took her home to a very quiet house, everyone must have been settled in for the night.

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