Friday, May 3, 2013

After our shopping this morning, I took brother Woodley out to shop for a car. He had been suspended from driving for 3 years do to DWIs; he had been through a rough time in life and rather turning to God for help, he turned to an old habit, alcohol. Anyway, he has progressed tremendously over the past year since we met him. Now it is time that he can get a limited use driver's license. The first thing he wanted to do was go get a new car; he ended up buying a 2013 Honda Accord. Very nice car, but very expensive and his insurance for the first year is nearly as much as his car payment. It doesn't pay to drink and drive.

This evening we studied the topics of Discipleship along with Stewardship as we delve into the Law of Consecration. As we have delved into the Doctrine and Covenants, I have been amazed at how much I have missed over the years in my knowledge of this marvelous book. We had a guest at our meeting, he is a friend of one of our fine soldiers. He was very interested in the topic of discussion and was so pleased to learn that we are a church who gives more than lip service when it comes to taking care of the poor. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and a copy of Elder Gowans' 2nd book.

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