Friday, May 17, 2013

Around 4:45 this morning we received a text message from one of our soldiers, Brother Meadows. He has been on baby watch for the past couple of weeks. So this morning we finally received the notice that he was heading home for the delivery and that he would need a ride to the airport. So at 9 am Elder Gowans picked him up at his barracks and dashed him to the airport. Meanwhile, his wife, had taken herself to the hospital, but they sent her home. So when Brother Meadows arrived home, sometime in the late afternoon, the baby must have been born, at home, in the tub. One of those crazy stories that we occasionally hear about, but never experience. We are happy to hear that all are doing well.

Then this afternoon we took our Sister Missionaries to meet up with the Thompson sisters so they could exchange companions for a day. They will often do this so the younger and newer missionaries can be taught and trained by several different missionaries. Afterward, we went out to eat and a very nice BBQ restaurant to celebrate our 36 wedding anniversary.

This evening we discussed Spiritual Gifts in our Institute Class; we discussed what they are, why we should seek them, how they can bless us and those in our wards and stakes. We also discussed how they can bless us not to fall victim to Satan's deceptions and how they can help prepare us to become a Zion people, a people prepared for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. 

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