Monday, May 13, 2013

This evening after arriving at FHE, I found President Estep up in the attic of the chapel. I guess curiosity got the best of him, but we sure found a couple of interesting things. First, there was a large white, wooden cabinet right near the top of the stairs. It has a painting of the Christus on the left hand door and a painting of the angel Moroni on the right hand side. Inside we found several copies of our Hymnals and we also found white lettering for the announcement boards. The announcement boards never had listed our services and activities, until tonight! We brought those letters down and posted all our activities up on the board. We also found another box labeled LDS Group. We found it full of CDs and other random things. It was almost finding a gold mine. We had a real nice evening together, Brother Glore, our newly baptized member came out along with his Battle Buddy, Brother Voorhees.
Here is a photo of the activities board.

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