Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This morning after our service at the library, we paid a Home Teaching visit to Sister Westbrook, she is such a sweet young lady. She was baptized last November and is anxiously awaiting the time when she can go to the Temple and receive her endowment. We had a real nice visit with her; we caught her up on some of the topics of discussion we have had in institute since she has been unable to be there for the past several weeks.

This evening we went to visit with Brother Stewart, a single young man in training at the hospital, however, he forgot our appointment. So we called him and rescheduled for tomorrow night. We also visited the Johnson family, they struggle with activity; we offered them a weekly get together where we can help instruct and encourage them and help them rebuild the desire to come back to church. They were very willing to do that. We also dropped in on Sister Ledbetter, found out her husband had been home for a short leave from his deployment, but had since returned. Darn, we missed him. We tried to see one more family, but they were not home.

Sister Gowans will now be taking the lead in teaching our institute class. Elder Gowans told her he didn't want to cheat her out of this opportunity to grow. She always has helped teach, but now she will take the lead.

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