Friday, May 31, 2013

Early this morning, we received a call from Sister Holm. She informed us that Elder Powell from the North Augusta area had been hospitalized with appendicitis. She asked us if we would go up and see what was going on and then report back to her. We drove up to University hospital and found Elder Powell's companion sitting alone, looking quite tired. We contacted the other Elders in their area and they were on their way down; once they arrived we sent Elder Powell's companion home with them so he could clean up, shower and get ready for the day. Meanwhile, Elder Powell came out of surgery and was assigned to a room. We went up to his room and found him well, but very tired. A little while later, the 3 other missionaries returned to the hospital and so we left Elder Powell in good hands.

This evening we continued our Institute lessons. The lesson covered the arrival of all the missionaries in Independence, Missouri, the revelations of the Lord concerning the building of Zion, the Laws, Principles, and Commandments that the Saints would be expected to keep and section 59, which contains a vision of what life would be like if the Saints lived as Saints should live. Always, these lessons emphasize taking care of the poor and needy and being one as a people.

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