Saturday, June 1, 2013

As normal, we went out this morning to see our soldiers. Sister Gowans felt very prompted to go see Sister Poyer. We found her in a high state of anxiety. Apparently there is a lot of drama going on back home with her parents and siblings. She was obviously very disturbed. We asked her to be sure to come to church and that if she wanted a blessing, we could give her one there.

We saw several other of our soldiers. One soldier, Brother Carroll, came up right behind us as we were looking for him. He has not been out to church for several weeks; we had a nice visit with him, he said that he really missed being at church. As we've stated in the past, too often these young men and women simply let other things get in the way of their more important obligations. As we talked to him, one of his friends stated that he had been trying to get Brother Carroll to take him to church, he wanted to go. So hopefully tomorrow, we will see them there.

This afternoon, we visited Sister Fordham, Brother Sled and Sister Campbell. We found them all to be well. Brother Sled has not been out for several weeks, too. We said he had been taking the weekends to get away from the Post and seeing the sights in the region. Sister Campbell, has found a new drug that will help her sleep at night. Her husband has been in training and will graduate the middle of the month.

This evening, we took the time to plan institute; this coming week is going to prove to be very busy.

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