Monday, June 10, 2013

This morning, we expected to hear from Brother Barton to help him do some apartment hunting. Unfortunately we never heard from him. Hopefully everything is well. We did hear from sister Cheney. I took our younger Elders over to the new apartment and we unloaded her trailer and her van. It has  been raining most of the day, and it was raining while unloading all her goods; fortunately we got it all in without things getting too wet. She didn't have much, particularly with having 3 girls; no beds, just two mattresses. A card table for a dining room table, folding chairs, a couch, a computer and a few small suit cases and a few bags of clothes. Everything they have to their name. We will see if we can't get her some more for the house. Her husband is in training out here; so they aren't making much money.

This evening, while at FHE, we received a call from Elder Milberger up at the mission office. He had a name, phone and address of a lady who wants to learn about the church. Her husband is currently in Korea and he is receiving the missionaries, and he wants her to do the same. So Elder Gowans called her and set up an appointment with her on Thursday; we are very excited to meet with her. The work of the Lord is moving forward!

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