Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This entire day has been taken up with Zone Conference, interviews, and a No More Strangers Fireside. We drove up to the North Augusta Chapel and arrived just before 8 am. Our interview with President Holm was shortly after 8. On the way up to the chapel we received a text message from Joe saying there were problems with the Power of Attorney we had sent him nearly a month ago. So Elder Gowans, after his interview drove back to the apartment and found the POA, fixed the problem and emailed it back to Joe with the hope that it would suffice. Shortly after returning to the chapel, and about 30 minutes into our meeting, another text message came in. This time from Sister Janssen, our new convert to the church. She stated that her daughter, Salena, had food poisoning and she was not sure she would make the Fireside this evening. Elder Gowans got back in touch with her and told her he would try and find someone who could go and give her a blessing. He tried the only two men he knew of who could give a blessing, but they did not answer their phones, certainly they were at work. So Elder Gowans called President Estep, our Branch President, to see if he could ride up and assist in giving the blessing. He said he would be happy to. So Elder Gowans left the meeting, picked up President Estep and drove out to the Post. As we arrived at the Janssen home, Sister Janssen said that Salena had just fallen asleep; so we lightly laid hands on her head, anointed her and gave her a blessing. This was Sister Janssen's first experience with Priesthood Blessings, so we explained the process to her and as we concluded and left, we could tell that she was very appreciative of our efforts in going out and giving her daughter a blessing. On the way to take President Estep back home, we stopped in at Churches and he purchased for his wife and himself and box of chicken. After dropping him off at home, Elder Gowans dashed back up to the church and rejoined the remainder of the meetings. 

The No More Strangers Fireside, was wonderful. A wonderful Spirit filled the room as a missionary, a new convert, President and Sister Holm and President Squires spoke and bore testimony. We hope that all in attendance felt the same wonderful Spirit. 

Our singing sisters. They made up a song to the tune of the little Mermaid about being SMART and setting goals. SMART is an acronym and stands for:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Bound

We had another video to upload, but it errors out; I'll try posting it on FB and see what happens. 

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