Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This morning we accomplished our normal service at the Post Library. Sister Gowans went with the children's reading group to the swimming pool and assisted there. Elder Gowans finished inventorying the fiction books and started on the Biographies. We must say that it is not the most enjoyable labor, but we know that we are doing a service that is greatly appreciated, because then they don't have to!

This afternoon we attended a rather large graduation of AIT students. We had two LDS students in the group of 175 graduates. We waited in the back for them as they filed out and was able to catch both of them on their way out. Neither of these two young men, Brother Holmgren and Brother Merryweather were active, but we hope that by being at their graduation, we can impress upon their minds and hearts that we love them and wish the best for them.

In the late evening we visited with the Stock family. Brother Stock is deployed, but will return the end of July; they are very excited about that. We had a nice visit with them and hope that we can always maintain a good relationship with all our families.

 Brother Holmgren
Brother Merryweather
Sister Woolley and children at the Swim Party for the kids. Sister Woolley is a member of the Augusta Ward. Her and her family will be moving out shortly. 

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