Monday, June 17, 2013

This morning during our hospital Red Cross service, Elder Gowans received a phone call from Brother Woolley asking for help in moving some heavy furniture. He told him he could be there in 20 minutes, it was a very slow day at the hospital! So, he hopped in the car and drove over to their home. They were very surprised to see him. They told him that they didn't even have the truck yet; so he supposes that they miss understood. Anyway, he went back over at 1400 and took the young, strong backed Elders with him. They got all the heavy furniture out of the house and in the truck.

After returning home, Elder Gowans got to thinking that they had said something about putting it all in storage, so who is going to help them get all that heavy furniture in the storage unit? So he sent them a text back asking about it. The reply came that they were going to put it in storage themselves later that day. Well, that just wouldn't do. So he arranged to meet them at the storage unit and helped them get it all unloaded. Sister Woolley would have never been able to help lift all that heavy furniture and watch 3 little children at the same time. So we got it all done and Elder Gowans got home a little after 1800, just in time to clean up and go to FHE.

At FHE Sister Cheney came out with her 3 girls. Her husband is in AIT and she wanted to have some fun with the girls. We all had a good time together. Just as we were leaving, the heavens broke loose and rain poured down upon us. It was a great thunderstorm.

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