Thursday, June 6, 2013

So, this morning, Elder and Sister France came down to Augusta and together we got the Sisters moved into their new apartment. They have a nice little two story apartment on the east side of Washington, where they do most of their work. We will miss having them around, they brought some life to our quiet little abode. This afternoon we reorganized ourselves and now we have a nice little nook in which to do our studies and the work that needs to be done on the computer.

This evening we went out to visit the Bawden Family; his brother may know Bernie as at one time or now he still does, work in as an architect for the church. Brother Bawden is an Arabic Linguist. His wife is from Brazil. They have 3 beautiful children. We had a nice visit with them. He will be separating in the fall, but will then plan on hiring on with the ANG in Utah.

After our visit with the Bawdens, we went up to the Mitton family's home. Their daughter Leah graduated high school and had a graduation party this evening, so we went up to celebrate with her. She had a lot of friends there and was obviously having a fun time. It was nice to see the entire family together.

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