Sunday, June 2, 2013

This afternoon, we had a good turnout at our Servicemen's Branch. At this point, a good majority of those who attend are returned missionaries, older more mature young men, who have learned how to prioritize their lives and their time. After church finished, we went out and had a short visit with Sisters Sanders and Janssen. We left each of them with a map to the North Augusta Ward so they could attend Tuesday evening's "No More Strangers Fireside". The young missionaries asked Sister Janssen if she would say a prayer at the Fireside, and so we asked Sister  Sanders if she would like to go and go with sister Janssen.

We had a very discussion with the Johnson family this evening. Although they hadn't kept their commitment to study and pray during the week, we sat with them and we studied together. We started with lesson one from the Gospel Principles manual, Sister Johnson read the lesson and Brother Johnson looked up and read the scripture references. It worked out real well. We encouraged them to do this together every evening for about 15 minutes. Hopefully they will do this and will find that it will bring them together and build not only their gospel knowledge, but also their relationship.

Brother and Sister Meachem came over this evening and brought a plate of cookies, yum yum, they were very good.

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