Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This morning after our service at the Post Library, we drove over to the 73 Ord Battalion and learned that they moved their graduation ceremony from the Friendship Chapel to Hazan Hall. We also learned that we missed Sister Bodley's graduation because of this move. We don't know if we missed Brother Brown's graduation either. He hasn't returned any of our communications. We try really hard to befriend these young men and women, but friendship is a two way street and if they don't put forth some effort on their part, then it is very difficult for us to be there for them if they should ever need us. We try to be at their graduations to show them that we do care and desire for them a happy and successful career.

This evening we met a new fellow, brand new to the Post. He is a marine linguist, speaking Arabic. He has been here only a short time; he informed us that he will be getting married in one month from now and that he and his wife to be will be living off post in an apartment, yet to be determined. He was a very friendly fellow and we hope that he and his wife will take advantage of our LDS activities. Just before we met him, we stopped in to visit Sister Murray, they had just finished eating and offered us some. It was a delicious chicken with apple crisp and ice cream desert.

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