Thursday, June 20, 2013

This evening we had an appointment to visit with Brother James DeLong. While enroute to his apartment he called and asked if we had eaten dinner. We told him we had, but he still wanted to take us out. So after we arrived at his place, we gathered up in our vehicle and drove over to his favorite Italian place. We enjoyed some great conversation, but while eating Elder Gowans' crown that he had put on a tooth over a year ago, broke; he thought at first that it was something in his meal, but then he discovered that it was his own tooth. We will have to go in to the dentist, hopefully tomorrow, and get it repaired.

We pray for safe travels for Jacob, Kathryn and family who are on their way to Utah, and Jacob who will be going on to Omaha. Also, to Rosalee who is flying to New York for the day with Terry Dougal. We hope they all have a wonderful and safe time.

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