Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This morning we had the opportunity to attend our final Transfer Meeting with the SCCM. The chapel was packed full of missionaries. We would guess 2/3 to 3/4 of the mission was in attendance. This transfer meeting held great impact on the entire mission, as well as the new Georgia Macon Mission, (GMM) which will stand up 1 July. All Elders and Sister who are now in the Augusta Zone will be transferred to the new GMM. President Holm is planning a conference with us sometime in the next week or two to say farewell to each of us. We will certainly miss him, but will look forward to continued service as servants of God, no matter which mission we will serve in. While at the meeting, we met Sister Davis who came out from Elder Gowans' brother Mike's ward, back in Washington. It was nice to meet her. We also said good bye to Elders Heywood and Powell and Sister Brand, 3 missionaries with whom we had much interaction with.

This afternoon and evening, we took the Sisters to meet with a single fellow. He mostly just wanted to have someone to talk to. We left him a short message, a copy of the Book of Mormon with a reading assignment and a prayer. We then went up on Post to meet Sister Ellsworth whose husband is an AIT student. She just moved up here where she can be closer to him. They may end up being here until December time frame. Her mother helped her with the move, she has no furniture to speak of, just the bare essentials. Her mother happens to be the wife of Elder Gowans' brother Bob's old mission companion, Elder Steve Hone. It is definitely a small world.

After visiting Sister Ellsworth, we went to see Brother Baum. He is doing well. He has been kept very busy with his army duties and his preparation to separate and move on with his life. We left him a good message from President Uchtodorf about  maintaining good spiritual landmarks.

 Sister Davies and her companion
Elder Heywood and his parents, from Arizona

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