Saturday, June 8, 2013

This morning, we met early at the Friendship Chapel to take our AIT students out to the temple. As last month, we had a real good turn out. We had a total of 15 in the group. There was no one in the group who was not endowed, so we all had planned to do an endowment session. However, there were two people in the session scheduled for their own endowment; as a result there were many family and friends attending with these two young people. There was not enough seats for all of us to attend the session, so 3 of the soldiers did initiatory work and Elder Gowans did sealings. As the word implies, initiatory work is the first ordinances accomplished in the temple. Sealings are where families are sealed for time and eternity, it is the final, and crowning ordinance of the temple. Initiatory and sealing work go fairly quickly, where the endowment session is much more lengthy. After our work in the temple was completed, we decided to go to Lizard's Thicket for lunch. While eating, the waitress came by our table, where 15 of us were eating, and stated she had some happy news for us; she told us she would pass it on when we were through.

As we all completed our lunch, the waitress came by and told us that another patron in the restaurant had paid for all our meals! Can you believe that someone would do this? Fifteen meals, over $132.00, that is a lot. But someone had seen us, and seeing that we were missionaries, soldiers, young and old, felt prompted to take it upon himself to do a wonderful deed. Now it will be our turn to "Pass it Forward".

At the Temple
 Elder Dixon, Sister Gowans, Elder Dixon's companion, Brother Buck
 Elder Dixon, at one time he worked with us on Fort Gordon
 President Estep and our current Fort Gordon Elders; Elders Heywood and Litwack
 Brothers Ellsworth, Howell, and Ebell
 The Estep Family
 The Hochstetler Family
 The Phillips Family
 Brothers Smith and Buck
Elder Dixon

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