Saturday, June 15, 2013

We have had a marvelous Saturday. This morning, as normal, we went up to visit our student soldiers; we had a few in mind that we wanted to meet with and we were able to see everyone, but one young lady, Sister Barton. She was at the financial briefing that all new soldiers are required to attend. Her and her family just moved up last weekend; I wrote about meeting with her husband and helping him find an apartment to rent. So, we still have not as yet met her. We were able to see brother Cheney, his family also moved here this past Monday. He had been moved to a new barracks, but we were able to track him down. Brother Ellsworth, whose wife also moved here on Wednesday had already been signed out by his wife. We are happy they are together. His wife is the daughter of one of Bob's old missionary companions, Steve Hone. We were able to see Brother Baker, Brother Sharp, Sister Nuusila, Sister Cox, Brother Meadows, Brother Edwards, Brother Buck and then we also visited with Brother Stewart who is the student in the radiology school.

After our visits were completed, we dashed home and got ready for our monthly FRG get together. This month we held it up at Evans Town Park. There was another event going on at the same time, it didn't interfere with us. We only had one other family come out. A year ago we perceived a need for the sisters to have some interaction with each other that would help them through the rigors military life, family separation and so forth. It is very possible that the need does not really exist as we thought. There are also probably many other things going on their lives and adding one more thing may not be something they need.

After the FRG, we drove to the Estep's house where they were holding a party to celebrate their son's upcoming wedding. I guess it was supposed to be a shower of some kind, but many who had been invited did not come. It was just us and a few family members.

From there we went back to post to pick up 3 soldiers and take them to Costco to buy groceries for a BBQ. We picked them up at 1530 and had them back around 1700, enough time for us to look up a few more students. It was at this time we were able to visit Brother Edwards.

From there we went to our appointment on post with the Wright family. They just moved in the past few weeks. He is attending the Captain's career course. Since he has had all the technical training, he will only have to attend half the course, so he will be done in August and at that time he will move to Fort Brag, NC. We had a delightful visit with them. They have only 1 daughter, who is 10 years old. He and his wife seem to have a good life together.

It has been a wonderful day, we will rest well tonight.

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