Thursday, June 13, 2013

This afternoon we visited 5 sisters. We had made arrangements to visit 3 sisters whose husbands are deployed; then 2 other opportunities came up for us. On Monday, we received a call from the mission office with a referral. We called the sister and made an appointment after the other 3 appointments. Sister Gowans then had an opportunity to visit a sister in the branch at the same time as our just scheduled 4th appointment. So we decided we needed to divide and conquer. Since our referral is by herself with her 2 daughters (her husband is also deployed), we decided we needed to take our younger missionaries with us to visit the first 3 so they would have us with them when they taught this referral lady, since they can't teach ladies by themselves with no one else with them. So what we did is dropped Sister Gowans off at the library, where her visiting teaching companion works; the two of them went to visit teach Sister Halford. Elder Gowans took the 2 young Elders to Sister Mathews' home to visit her for the first time and teach her of the restoration of the gospel. We had wonderful visits. After Elder Gowans and the young missionaries were through, he drove them home and then went to pick up Sister Gowans.

A funny note: Sister Mathews' husband is meeting with the missionaries in Korea, where he is on a remote tour of duty. Every time he goes to church and other activities there is always food afterward. So he assumed that his wife would have to have some food available for us. So she apparently worried about it quite a bit and had a large bowl of freshly cut vegetables and dip for us. She really thought that was expected of her. So we told her it was very kind of her to put it out, but that it would not be necessary for future visits. The perceptions people get is very interesting.

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